Author Karen Ward-Wilder passion for writing sparked when she took a creative writing course in college at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University; while pursuing a degree in Psychology.


With an undeniable passion to write, Karen intertwined her passion of counseling and writing; to develop her books, “The King’s Men,” “It’s All About School,” "Playing with Hidden Treasures at Home- Games and Activities for Children and Teens," and “Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt,” which is the first book of a six-part book series. Karen is currently working to adapt the book series into a tv series.


Karen has presented several “Youth Book Give-A-Ways” events, in which numerous copies of her featured books, where complimentary given to youth and teens, from the means of funds from Karen’s business, as well as support from various businesses and organizations.


Her new book, “Playing with Hidden Treasures at Home- Games and Activities for Children and Teens,” is a timely book of games and activities, to encourage kids to have fun, while developing new skills. It is developed in both English and Spanish. Individuals and families can obtain a Free Ebook copy on Amazon. Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely A. Warren has featured this fun and exciting book on her facebook page. Karen’s desire is to help kids develop their inner confidence, recognize who they are, value their life, and enjoy fulfilling their life’s purpose.

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