Jack Wentworth


TV Series Adaptation Fundraiser

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Author Karen Ward-Wilder has partnered with From The Heart Production, to raise funds for her upcoming TV Series.  From The Heart Production 501 (c) 3 non-profit, has helped upcoming and current filmmakers in obtaining funding since 1993.


Each donation takes us a step closer to sharing this inspiring message.

Author Karen Ward-Wilder's book "Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt," is in the process of being transformed into a upcoming TV series. 1 out 5 youth are being bullied or have concerns with race relations. These youth may become depressed, drop out of school, or display other negative behaviors as it relates to bullying and low self-esteem. This educational, visual upcoming TV series will be a tool parents and teachers can use to help educate and encourage our youth. Your donation will help hire actors, producers, rent the proper equipment, and ensure the editing process is as professional as possible. Every penny counts and is truly appreciated.